"Getting to Know a City" ——"Return to Ancient Sichuan" Activity

       On the afternoon of April 15, 2023, the West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University, and the Sichuan International Culture Exchange Center jointly organized a series of activities titled "Getting to Know a City" to promote cultural exchange between Chinese and international students and showcase the unique charm of Sichuan culture. 30 Chinese and international students participated in the event at the Sanxingdui Museum to experience ancient Sichuan mythology.

       After taking a group photo at the entrance of the eighth teaching building at the West China campus of Sichuan University, the students took a bus to the Sanxingdui Museum. With the guidance of a local expert, the students visited several exhibits, including the "Earliest Hotpot" ceramic three-legged vessel, the Large Standing Figure, the Bronze Tree, and the Bronze Mask.

       The students then had the opportunity to experience the ancient art of jade making with the help of the educational experience box at the Sanxingdui Museum. Led by their teachers, the students used the same tools and methods as the ancient artisans to process and polish their own pieces from natural jade material. This hands-on activity allowed the students to gain a firsthand experience of Chinese jade culture.

       After a group photo, the activity came to a successful end, and the students didn't want to leave. The trip to the Sanxingdui Museum deepened the students' understanding of the bronze culture of the ancient state of Shu more than 3,000 years ago, promoted cross-cultural exchanges between Chinese and international students, and strengthened the friendship between them.

Photo: Chen PeiMin, Li Yifei


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