“Understanding China’s New Era” Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest for International Students

Over the course of your stay in China as an international student have you gained any personal and immediate understanding of the natural scenery, customs and social culture in Sichuan (known as the land of abundance) and in China as a whole? Does it bother you that never a chance came to you to depict China in your eyes? 

Well, here it comes! You now have the opportunity to show Chinas new era in your eyes!

Out of aspirations to further people-to-people exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, present new-era China that is real, muti-faceted and panoramic, and show the good spirit of international students at Sichuan university, the Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest themed Understanding Chinas New Era (hereinafter referred to as the contest) is henceforth officially launched!

. Activity Keynote

Contestants are supposed to centre around their understanding of Chinas new era to offer a glimpse at their views as international students at Sichuan university (including graduates that choose to stay in China) on China in the past ten years (including but not limited to the following aspects of China, in particular of Sichuan Province: economic achievements, culture and education, the 31st World University Games in Chengdu, natural scenery, local people, etc.), and are also expected to illustrate Chinas new era from their personal experience and feelings.

. Contestant 

International students currently studying at Sichuan University (including those who have not returned to China due to COVID-19 and other reasons) and those who graduated from the university after 2012 and stayed in China since.

. Requirements for Entries

The contest solicits, in an all-embracing manner, entries in the form of essay, photography and short video; contestants may participate in one or multiple categories thereof. The entries shall be based on hands-on experience and be original. They shall not have been published in other books, newspapers, periodicals, websites or new media platforms, nor have they been submitted to other similar contests.

() Requirements for Essay

1. Contestants are supposed to formulate their own titles around the theme covering all fields of social life, and to demonstrate, from the perspective of international students, Chinas economic development, scientific and technological achievements, natural scenery, urban construction, and people-to-people exchanges with the outside world.

2. Word count shall fall with 1000-2000, with genres unlimited. It is suggested that the essay be written in Chinese, and the font format is suggested to be Song typeface of word size four and 1.5-time space.

() Requirements for Photography

1. Pictures around the theme shall be capturing real moments; The content of them may be campus life, popular figures, natural scenery, local customs, etc. The shooting place shall be in China or other countries and regions related to Chinese elements.

2. The work is preferably exquisitely-conceived, clear, and built upon reasonable layout and artistic expression; they may be either black and white or colored. A brief description of the pictures (recommended to be no more than 100 words) shall be attached herewith. Each contestant may submit at most 2 pieces of work, which can be either separate photo(s) or group(s) of photos (no more than 3 photos per group, each group calculated as 1 piece).

3. All photographic work shall be in JPG format and submitted in compressed file of no less than 5 Megabytes.

() Requirements for Short Video

1. Short video submitted shall record what the contestant as an international student sees, hears and feels while studying, living or working in China, and effectively reflect his/her personal experience of the development in China since 2012.

2. The video shall be about 3 minutes in length and may be presented in unrestricted forms including short story, micro film, micro documentary, Vlog, etc. It shall have at least a 720p (HD) resolution, and may be in mainstream formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, RMVB, etc. The language shall be Chinese or English; if otherwise, Chinese or English subtitles are required.

3. Participation is acceptable either in the name of an individual or a team. Contestants are encouraged to form teams with Chinese native counterpart(s) to create work, and those currently on Chinas campus may attain help from their instructor(s).

. Means of Submission

1. Submission is required to be made via email in the following title: essay/photography/short video + passport name of the contestant(s) + nationality of the contestant(s) + name of the entry

2. Email address: lb2023412@163.com

V. Time

Submission window for entries:From September 10 to October 20, 2023;

. Award Setting

() In the essay category there will be 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 4 third prize, with a bonus of 1500 yuan, 1000 yuan and 500 yuan respectively, and a certificate of award will be issued; there will also be Award of Excellence and  Award for Excellent Organization, which will be accompanied with certificate and exquisite gifts.

() In the photography category, 1 first prize, 2 second-prize and 4 third-prize will be awarded with a bonus of 1000 yuan, 600 yuan and 300 yuan respectively, each along with a certificate; Award of Excellence and Award for Excellent Organization will also be issued with certificate and exquisite gifts.

() In the category of short video, there will be 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 4 third prize, with the bonus of 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively, each with a certificate; there will also be Award of Excellence and Award for Excellent Organization along with certificate and exquisite gifts.

. Other Items About the Game

1. Review over entries will be held independently according to their category (essay, photography and short video) and will be made by experts in relevant fields under the arrangement of the International Student Office of Sichuan University.

2. The International Student Office will disclose the evaluation results on its official WeChat account named 留学川大 (STUDY-in-SCU) before December 15, 2023, and commend the winning individuals and groups.

3. Winning work will be further publicized on the official WeChat account.

4. The author of the winning work shall enjoy the copyright and the right of authorship, and the organizing committee shall enjoy the works right of use. The organizer shall have the right to use the work for press, publicity, and exhibition and shall not pay any additional remuneration for such uses.

5. Participants shall have full, complete and exclusive copyright of the entries, and shall not infringe on the right of portrait, right of reputation and other intellectual property rights and personal ownership of the third party.

During your stay as the international student in China, you must have cherished wonderful memories, be it an encounter to cute panda bears or a stroll on old streets and lanes of lingering charm that harmonize with the citys modern development. So why not record these treasurable highlights in China to show Chinas new era in your eyes!


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     Overseas Students Office of Sichuan University

April 25, 2023

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